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Founded in 2009 by Dj Zen


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3D, 2D Artwork for flyers, CD's, brochures...

__________::: 16 years of experience ::: _________


  • Mandalas, 3D designs, CD covers, brochures, flyers, advertisements, posters...



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Portfolio from Digitalys-Studios




EXEMPLES Before and After a treatment:


CJ Catalizer album BEFORE and AFTER



EMANTRA Cd cover - Before and After


Flyer exemple - Before and After




Altar Records






    Altar Records; Canada

    The mastering of your music with an Artistic approach

    __________::: 15 years of experience ::: _________

    More than 480 single tracks from 100+ albums, EP's and compilations. All styles of electronic music are welcome.

    What You Get:

    • Optimizing average and peak volume levels for proper relative loudness
    • Signal processing - compression & EQ
    • Arranging tracks in final sequence
    • Timing of the space between tracks
    • Establish a sonic "field" for all tracks
    • Clean-up start and ending of each track (including fades)
    • Insert Master Track Log – the PQ codes required for replication
    • I'm working with Cubase 8, RME BabyFace, PC with Saberthooth X79 Mobo, Win7 Pro loaded with 64 gig of DDR3 Ram, 4.2Ghz overclocked Core i7 and 1Tb HD 10.000rpm. For the ultimate sound quallity: Neumann KH 120 A monitors + KH 810 Subwoofer.

      (exemples shown at the bottom of this page)



      2001-2002: Dj Zen "Crysallyx" -Album

      2003: Peace Therapy Vol.1 -Various Artists

      2003: Essential Trip "Trip to Inner Self" -Album

      2004: Anax "Not Over Yet" -Album

      2004: Dj Zen "Crysallyx II " -Album

      2004: Kagdelicous -Various Artists

      2004: Adrenalin Drum "Vanity" -Album

      2004: SynSUN "Symphonic Adventures " -Album

      2004: Pure Planet -Various Artists

      2004: Fourier Wave Device "Quirk" -Album

      2005: Kagdelicous Vol.2 -Various Artists

      2006: Unstable Elements "Technical Illusions " -Album

      2006: L.S.D "Acid Tester " -Album

      2006: Out Of The Blues -Various Artists

      2006: Peace Therapy Vol.2 -Various Artists

      2006: Kagdelicous Vol.3 -Various Artists

      2007: Chronos "Steps to the Great Knowledge" -Album

      2008: Zymosis -"Elements Into Data" -Album

      2008: Astral Waves -"Mystique" -Album

      2008: Orthonorma "Time2Wait" -Album

      2009: Peace Therapy Vol.3 -Various Artists

      2009: Air -Various Artists

      2009: Water -Various Artists

      2009: Fire -Various Artists

      2009: Dj Zen "In Dub" -Album

      March 2010: Earth -Various Artists

      April 2010: Astropilot "Solar Walk" album -Album

      April 2010: Sacral Reason "Soul Splinters"-Album

      May 2010: Lemonchill "Conversations with God "-Album

      May 2010: French Noise -Various Artists

      June 2010: Stereotype "Psy-Fi" Album

      Sept. 2010: Exelization EP

      November 2010: Ether -Various Artists

      December 2010: E-Mantra "Visions of the Past" -Album

      January 2011: Cabeiri "Inner Thoughts" -Album

      February 2011: MAIIA “Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations”-Album

      March 2011: TaFF "Moon Princess" -Album

      March 2011: Samuel Kjell Smith “Vision Quest”-Album

      March 2011: Absence of Gravity -Various Artists

      April 2011: Monkey Machine "Neurotransmitter" -Album

      April 2011: Lemonchill (3 tracks EP) unr.

      April 2011: Suduaya "Dreaming Sun" -Album

      April 2011: Missing Elements -Various Artists

      May 2011: Lab's Cloud "Organic Mathematics" -Album

      June 2011: Alwoods "Aeolian Mode " -Album

      July 2011: Astral Waves "Magique" -Album

      August 2011: "Mastering the 7 Spheres of Consciousness with Sacred Sound" -Album

      September 2011: Asura "Oxygene" -Album

      October 2011: Monkey Machine "Closed Caption Radio" -Album

      November 2011: AstroPilot "Fruits of the Imagination 2" -Album

      December 2011: Chronos "Space Sweets & Logical Beats" -EP

      December 2011: Aquascape "Underwater Stranger" -Album

      December 2011: AUREON PROJECT
      "Natural Selection"

      December 2011: Lemonchill "My Personal Butterfly" AUREON PROJECT remix -Track

      January 2012: R2: "Can Get Messy" -Track

      January 2012: Organic Beats Vol.1: -Various Artists

      February 2012: Lemonchill - Amina Mea (Alwoods remix) -Track (unr.)

      February 2012: E-Mantra: "Silence" -Album

      February 2012: Chronos: "Mars" -Album

      February 2012: Chronos: "Venus" -Album

      February 2012: R2: "Synthetik Form " -Track

      February 2012: AUREON PROJECT: "Fiti's Lament" -Track

      March 2012: Akshan: "The Tree of Life" -Album

      April 2012: Organic Beats Vol.2: -Various Artists

      May 2012: AUREON PROJECT & R2: "Twisted" -Track

      June 2012: SiebZehN "Time Equals Eternity"-Album

      June 2012: Dimension 5 / Chi a.d "Blue Moon UK Sampler"-Album (old-school Goa re-release)

      July 2012: Hunab-Ku "Magik Universe"-Album (old-school Goa re-release)

      July 2012: GMO vs. Dense "Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo" -Album

      August 2012: Kuroshio "Biomechanic" -Album

      September 2012: Zymosis "Between Two Points " -Album

      October 2012: RA "Unearthly" -Album

      November 2012: Dreamstalker "Digital Illusions" -Album

      December 2012: Lost Chaman "Parallel Future" -EP

      December 2012: Antariksh -EP

      December 2012: Cosmic Replicant "White Elephant" -EP

      January 2013: Synthetic Sunrise "At the end of Eternity " -EP

      January 2013: E-Mantra "The Hermit's Sanctuary" -Album

      February 2013: Akshan "The Rise of Atlantis" -Album

      February 2013: Monkey Machine "Symbolic" -Album

      March 2013: DENSE "Exhale" -Album

      March 2013: CAFE AMSTERDAM "Audio Hydrates" -Album

      April 2013: Cosmic Replicant "Future Memories" -Album

      April 2013: Akshan "Versions Inédites" -Album

      April 2013: Dj Zen: 'Spring' : -Various Artists

      April 2013: Erot "Thoughts From The Past" -EP

      May 2013: Aureon "Exploration" -Single track

      June 2013: Suduaya "Salutation to the Planets" -EP

      July 2013: Reasonandu "Imminent Satori" -Album

      July 2013: The Pie is the Limit "The pie is the limit" -Album

      August 2013: Suduaya "Unity" -Album

      August 2013: Ix Lattice "Ix Lattice" -EP

      September 2013: Ix Lattice "Bonfire" -EP

      October 2013: Goatika "Goatika@Qatar_live
      " -Live Album

      November 2013: Chronos "Helios" Album

      December 2013: Alwoods "Long Life Forest" Album

      January 2014 : E-Mantra: "Floating Spirals 2" -Various Artists

      February 2014: Cosmic Replicant "Mission Infinity" -Album

      February 2014: Frecuencia "Espiral" -EP

      March 2014: Cabeiri "Self Insider" -Album

      April 2014: Neegee "Infinite Consciousness" -EP

      April 2014: MindSync "As Turns Go By" -Track

      June 2014: Dj Zen: 'Summer': -Various Artists

      July 2014: Cyclic Nature : 'Thai Dye Shenaningans': -EP

      September 2014 : E-Mantra: "Echoes from the Void" -Album

      January 2015 : Dhamika: "Energy Flow" -Album

      February 2015 : Blue Lunar Monkey : "All One" -Album

      February 2015 : Astral Waves : "Magnetique" -Album


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AMBIENT / CHILLOUT Mastering Exemples : [ Waveforms shown on Soundcloud players are not accurate; navigate in each of the waveforms and listen for yourself. Scroll down this page to see the accurate waveforms as I've posted the snap shots taken out from Adobe Audition]

Astropilot Feat. Chronos - Expectations [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

Astropilot Feat. Chronos - Expectations [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



PSYBIENT Mastering exemples :

CABEIRI Hot Liquid (90bpm)[ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

CABEIRI Hot Liquid [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering


E-Mantra - Secluded Trails [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering



CABEIRI - Adorable View (90bpm) [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

CABEIRI - Adorable View (90bpm) [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



PROGRESSIVE Mastering exemples :

E-Mantra - Hypnagogia [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

E-Mantra - Hypnagogia [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



GOATRANCE Mastering exemples :

E-Mantra - Dark Corners of The Universe [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

E-Mantra - Dark Corners of The Universe [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



PSYTRANCE Mastering exemples :

Exelization - The Paradox [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

Exelization - The Paradox [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering

Accurate illustrations of the treatment shown above :


View of the full lenght treated waves :


Before-After mastering treatment : View on full waves

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