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Founded in 2009 by Dj Zen


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3D, 2D Artwork for flyers, CD's, brochures...

__________::: 15 years of experience ::: _________


  • Mandalas, 3D designs, CD covers, brochures, flyers, advertisements, posters...



Extensive portfolio at Myspace


Portfolio from Digitalys-Studios




EXEMPLES Before and After a treatment:


CJ Catalizer album BEFORE and AFTER



EMANTRA Cd cover - Before and After


Flyer exemple - Before and After




Altar Records





    Altar Records; Canada

    The mastering of your music with an Artistic approach

    __________::: 14 years of experience ::: _________

    More than 480 single tracks from 100+ albums, EP's and compilations. All styles of electronic music are welcome.

    What You Get:

    • Optimizing average and peak volume levels for proper relative loudness
    • Signal processing - compression & EQ
    • Arranging tracks in final sequence
    • Timing of the space between tracks
    • Establish a sonic "field" for all tracks
    • Place track markers at head of all tracks
    • Clean-up start and ending of each track (including fades)
    • Insert Master Track Log – the PQ codes required for replication
    • I'm working with Cubase 7.5, RME BabyFace, PC with Saberthooth X79 Mobo, Win7 Pro loaded with 64 gig of DDR3 Ram, 4.2Ghz overclocked Core i7 and 1Tb HD 10.000rpm and Neumann + Dynaudio Acoustics monitors.

      (exemples shown at the bottom of this page)



      2001-2002: Dj Zen "Crysallyx" -Album

      2003: Peace Therapy Vol.1 -Various Artists

      2003: Essential Trip "Trip to Inner Self" -Album

      2004: Anax "Not Over Yet" -Album

      2004: Dj Zen "Crysallyx II " -Album

      2004: Kagdelicous -Various Artists

      2004: Adrenalin Drum "Vanity" -Album

      2004: SynSUN "Symphonic Adventures " -Album

      2004: Pure Planet -Various Artists

      2004: Fourier Wave Device "Quirk" -Album

      2005: Kagdelicous Vol.2 -Various Artists

      2006: Unstable Elements "Technical Illusions " -Album

      2006: L.S.D "Acid Tester " -Album

      2006: Out Of The Blues -Various Artists

      2006: Peace Therapy Vol.2 -Various Artists

      2006: Kagdelicous Vol.3 -Various Artists

      2007: Chronos "Steps to the Great Knowledge" -Album

      2008: Zymosis -"Elements Into Data" -Album

      2008: Astral Waves -"Mystique" -Album

      2008: Orthonorma "Time2Wait" -Album

      2009: Peace Therapy Vol.3 -Various Artists

      2009: Air -Various Artists

      2009: Water -Various Artists

      2009: Fire -Various Artists

      2009: Dj Zen "In Dub" -Album

      March 2010: Earth -Various Artists

      April 2010: Astropilot "Solar Walk" album -Album

      April 2010: Sacral Reason "Soul Splinters"-Album

      May 2010: Lemonchill "Conversations with God "-Album

      May 2010: French Noise -Various Artists

      June 2010: Stereotype "Psy-Fi" Album

      Sept. 2010: Exelization EP

      November 2010: Ether -Various Artists

      December 2010: E-Mantra "Visions of the Past" -Album

      January 2011: Cabeiri "Inner Thoughts" -Album

      February 2011: MAIIA “Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations”-Album

      March 2011: TaFF "Moon Princess" -Album

      March 2011: Samuel Kjell Smith “Vision Quest”-Album

      March 2011: Absence of Gravity -Various Artists

      April 2011: Monkey Machine "Neurotransmitter" -Album

      April 2011: Lemonchill (3 tracks EP) unr.

      April 2011: Suduaya "Dreaming Sun" -Album

      April 2011: Missing Elements -Various Artists

      May 2011: Lab's Cloud "Organic Mathematics" -Album

      June 2011: Alwoods "Aeolian Mode " -Album

      July 2011: Astral Waves "Magique" -Album

      August 2011: "Mastering the 7 Spheres of Consciousness with Sacred Sound" -Album

      September 2011: Asura "Oxygene" -Album

      October 2011: Monkey Machine "Closed Caption Radio" -Album

      November 2011: AstroPilot "Fruits of the Imagination 2" -Album

      December 2011: Chronos "Space Sweets & Logical Beats" -EP

      December 2011: Aquascape "Underwater Stranger" -Album

      December 2011: AUREON PROJECT
      "Natural Selection"

      December 2011: Lemonchill "My Personal Butterfly" AUREON PROJECT remix -Track

      January 2012: R2: "Can Get Messy" -Track

      January 2012: Organic Beats Vol.1: -Various Artists

      February 2012: Lemonchill - Amina Mea (Alwoods remix) -Track (unr.)

      February 2012: E-Mantra: "Silence" -Album

      February 2012: Chronos: "Mars" -Album

      February 2012: Chronos: "Venus" -Album

      February 2012: R2: "Synthetik Form " -Track

      February 2012: AUREON PROJECT: "Fiti's Lament" -Track

      March 2012: Akshan: "The Tree of Life" -Album

      April 2012: Organic Beats Vol.2: -Various Artists

      May 2012: AUREON PROJECT & R2: "Twisted" -Track

      June 2012: SiebZehN "Time Equals Eternity"-Album

      June 2012: Dimension 5 / Chi a.d "Blue Moon UK Sampler"-Album (old-school Goa re-release)

      July 2012: Hunab-Ku "Magik Universe"-Album (old-school Goa re-release)

      July 2012: GMO vs. Dense "Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo" -Album

      August 2012: Kuroshio "Biomechanic" -Album

      September 2012: Zymosis "Between Two Points " -Album

      October 2012: RA "Unearthly" -Album

      November 2012: Dreamstalker "Digital Illusions" -Album

      December 2012: Lost Chaman "Parallel Future" -EP

      December 2012: Antariksh -EP

      December 2012: Cosmic Replicant "White Elephant" -EP

      January 2013: Synthetic Sunrise "At the end of Eternity " -EP

      January 2013: E-Mantra "The Hermit's Sanctuary" -Album

      February 2013: Akshan "The Rise of Atlantis" -Album

      February 2013: Monkey Machine "Symbolic" -Album

      March 2013: DENSE "Exhale" -Album

      March 2013: CAFE AMSTERDAM "Audio Hydrates" -Album

      April 2013: Cosmic Replicant "Future Memories" -Album

      April 2013: Akshan "Versions Inédites" -Album

      April 2013: Dj Zen: 'Spring' : -Various Artists

      April 2013: Erot "Thoughts From The Past" -EP

      May 2013: Aureon "Exploration" -Single track

      June 2013: Suduaya "Salutation to the Planets" -EP

      July 2013: Reasonandu "Imminent Satori" -Album

      July 2013: The Pie is the Limit "The pie is the limit" -Album

      August 2013: Suduaya "Unity" -Album

      August 2013: Ix Lattice "Ix Lattice" -EP

      September 2013: Ix Lattice "Bonfire" -EP

      October 2013: Goatika "Goatika@Qatar_live
      " -Live Album

      November 2013: Chronos "Helios" Album

      December 2013: Alwoods "Long Life Forest" Album

      January 2014 : E-Mantra: "Floating Spirals 2" -Various Artists

      February 2014: Cosmic Replicant "Mission Infinity" -Album

      February 2014: Frecuencia "Espiral" -EP

      March 2014: Cabeiri "Self Insider" -Album

      April 2014: Neegee "Infinite Consciousness" -EP

      April 2014: MindSync "As Turns Go By" -Track

      May 2014: The Pie is the Limit "..." -EP

      June 2014: Dj Zen: 'Summer': -Various Artists


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AMBIENT / CHILLOUT Mastering Exemples : [ Waveforms shown on Soundcloud players are not accurate; navigate in each of the waveforms and listen for yourself. Scroll down this page to see the accurate waveforms as I've posted the snap shots taken out from Adobe Audition]

Astropilot Feat. Chronos - Expectations [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

Astropilot Feat. Chronos - Expectations [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



PSYBIENT Mastering exemples :

CABEIRI Hot Liquid (90bpm)[ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

CABEIRI Hot Liquid [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering


E-Mantra - Secluded Trails [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering



CABEIRI - Adorable View (90bpm) [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

CABEIRI - Adorable View (90bpm) [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



PROGRESSIVE Mastering exemples :

E-Mantra - Hypnagogia [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

E-Mantra - Hypnagogia [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



GOATRANCE Mastering exemples :

E-Mantra - Dark Corners of The Universe [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

E-Mantra - Dark Corners of The Universe [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering



PSYTRANCE Mastering exemples :

Exelization - The Paradox [ORIGINAL] by DjZen_mastering

Exelization - The Paradox [MASTERED] by DjZen_mastering

Accurate illustrations of the treatment shown above :


View of the full lenght treated waves :


Before-After mastering treatment : View on full waves

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