Altar Records (ref: ARDEP05)

Release date: 2012-01-25

150 hand-numbered limited copies available exclusively from Altar Records.

Recycled slim jewel cases "Green Disc". Printed in Canada on FSC compliant materials. Professional JVC watershield Silver CDr; burned at 4x.

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Duration: 25’26”


1- 90bpm

2- 105bpm

3- 85bpm






Label Profile Label: Altar Records
Sales Notes Format: Slim jewel case & Digital
Further Information Barcode: 072921815612
Track Listing Release Date: 2012-01-25
Genre: Dub, Psybient Catalogue Number: ARDEP05





Altar Records


::: SEAMOON "DMTones" :::


"What the heart gives away is never gone.... It is kept in the hearts of others"

Dmtones - Single - Seamoon

Written, Produced & Mastered by Simon Neumann

Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios



Seamoon constantly explores new territories as it definitely set the tone of the trip with his new mind-boggling EP "DMTones"

This album will greet the listener with unique psy-dub infused with indigenous sounds from Amazonia dipped up with psychedelic sounds and mystical atmospheres.


"As the sound in my head took over and I began to feel like I was losing control of my body, the overwhelming sensation was that of a rocket ship gearing up for take off somewhere inside me. As I fell back I felt like I'd broken through into my subconscious mind and the first thing I noticed was the sky opening up in a sped up way. I heard a female voice that seemed to telepathically say to me 'welcome back'. The clouds seemed to swoosh and reveal illegible words and the blackness of the night sky suddenly turned to many colorful shades of purples and reds. At the same time I saw moving fractal-like patterns directly above me that were shaped like a vortex type of portal, and what confused me here was that I couldn't tell if I was seeing this inside my head or in the fabric of my sight field."

Taken from DMT Reports





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