Sunline Records (ref: SUNCD10); Altar Records 2010

Released 05-2010

Printed in Canada on FSC compliant paper.Recycled jewel cases "Green Disc". JVC Professional watershield glossy CDr -(deep burn).

                                                                      eco release

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Fourier Wave Device "Quirk" album (full mixed preview) by Dj Zen


Label Profile Label: Sunline Records
Sales Notes Format: Pro CDr, Digital, Jewel Case "Green Disc"
Further Information Barcode: 912001435022
Track Listing Release Date: 05-2010
Genre: Chillout Catalogue Number: SUNCD10


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Altar Records




fourier wave device album


Mastering & Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios


Fourier Wave Device is an atmospheric electronic music project based in Florida, USA. Stylistically, the music is usually categorized somewhere between drum & bass and IDM.

The name comes from a branch of mathematics called "Fourier Analysis" - mathematically, it's possible to build up a complicated function from simple building blocks called "Fourier Waves" - this corresponds to building up a complicated piece of music from pure tones.

This is a superb atmospheric drum and bass release whose won some music awards and was featured into some TV spots in U.K.!


fourier wave device album "Quirk"


(P) Glenn Watson

(C) Glenn Watson, Raw 42 Music & Sunline Records 2004-2006, Altar Records 2010.



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