Altar Records (ref: ARDEP04)

Released March 01st, 2011.

150 hand-numbered limited copies available exclusively from Altar Records.

Recycled jewel cases "Green Disc".Printed in Canada on FSC compliant materials.Professional JVC watershield Silver CDr.

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CD Track List:



All tracks @ 132 bpm except:

Track #1 : unknown tempo

Track #07 : 125 bpm

Track #08 : 130bpm


Timing: 63'47"


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Label Profile Label: Altar Records
Sales Notes Format: Digital & Limited Edition Professional CDr
Further Information Barcode: 089922543543
Track Listing Release Date: 2011-03-01
Genre: Psybient/Breaks/Progressive Catalogue Number: ARDEP04





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::: ASTROPILOT "Memories Maze” maxi-single :::


"The only way to bring peace to the earth is to learn to make our own life peaceful"

Memories Maze


Written & Produced by Dmitry V. Red'ko

Kadasarva remix - by Alex Volkov

Psyfactor remix - by Dmitri Korablin ; mixed by Dmitry V. Red'ko

Tentura remix - by Alexandr Pidgornyi & Stanislav Yastremsky

Khetzal remix - by Matthieu Chamoux

Overdream remix - by Maxim Kurushyn

Terra Nine remix - by Michael Westcot ; mixed by Dmitry V. Red'ko

N.A.S.A. "Here and Now" voiceless remix - by Mikkel Rasmussen

Mastering by Dmitry V. Red'ko

Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios



 To follow the release of Astropilot's newest album entitled "Here and Now", released at the end of October 2010, please listen to "Memories Maze" 8-tracks exceptional Maxi Single !
As per the title, the Maxi Single contains the versions of "Memories Maze" remixed by well known artists from the scene such as Khetzal, Overdream, Terra Nine

No other than danish artist N.A.S.A. from Iono Music is offering here a special voiceless version of "Here and Now".

Dmitry Astropilot himself proposes here a new progressive organic remixed version of his own @ 125 bpm.

A release not to be missed!