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Released 2010-04-06

250 Limited Edition copies available from Altar Records exclusively. Contains a new and exclusive remastered version of "God's Channel!"

Printed in Canada on FSC compliant paper. Recycled jewel cases "Green Disc". JVC Professional watershield glossy CDr - (deep burn).

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Psychill, chillout, ambient, meditative, space electronic music.


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Timing: 64'29"



Label Profile Label: Altar Records
Sales Notes Format: Recycled Jewel Case, Pro CDr
Further Information Barcode: 885014036005
Track Listing Release Date: 2010-04-06
Genre: Chillout Catalogue Number: ARCDA01



1- none (2:21)

2- none (feel 65) (5:51)

3- none (feel 75) (8:30)

4- 60bpm (7:25)

5- none (feel 60) (4:01)

6- 100bpm (9:17)

7- 90bpm (19:59)

8-none (feel 70) (11:09)



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"Solar Walk "

Astropilot  2nd album

Solar Walk - Astropilot

Written & Produced by Dmitry V. Red'ko

"En Rêve" additional guitar phrases by Evgeniy Rouzavin (Panda's Dream)

Mastered by Dj Zen



Solar Walk is a voyage into the higher orbiting realms of dream consciousness.
Astropilot continues his psybient travels with this astounding composition.
As beautiful and profound as a lucid dream, destined to be a masterpiece.





AstroPilot comes from Siberia, Russian Federation.
Behind the name is Dmitry Red'ko.
For the past 8 years he has been experimenting with music and sounds.
His music is the direct outcome of not only his gifted talent, but also his true passion for music and
a lot of hard work in the studio. A leader in his field, his music is a reflection of the culture, sights and sounds of his homeland.
AstroPilot has managed to generate a considerable buzz in Russia and is constantly grabbing attention from multiple directions.





Astropilot Solar Walk

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