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Style: Progressive Chill, Trance.


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Duration: 79 ’35”



3- 115bpm

4- 115bpm

5- 120bpm

6- 124bpm

7- 128bpm

8- 115bpm


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Label Profile Label: Altar Records
Sales Notes Format: Deluxe Digipack & Digital
Further Information Barcode: 978231221252
Track Listing Release Date: 2012-05-04
Genre: Progressive Chill, Trance. Catalogue Number: ARCDA25






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::: AKSHAN "The Tree of Life” :::

"Rivers and rocks and trees have always been talking to us, but we've forgotten how to listen"

The Tree of Life - Akshan

W&P by Vincent Grenier

Mastering & Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios



Akshan, a native of France, was attracted to the synthesizer in his adolescent years. Inspired by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, cinematic scores, and classical music; Akshan found himself attracted to the seemingly infinite possibilities the synthesizer offered.

In 1993, he attended the first 'underground' gathering of electronic music organized in the south of France. It is here that he discovered the magical world of Goa Trance and here that his understanding of music was forever changed. Experiencing forerunners to current Djs such as Alex Escalofrio, Akshan was indelibly marked with an interest in those techniques and possibilities of the mixing styles he experienced, as well as the being moved by the powerful clear energies the progressive mix conveyed to those on the dance floor.

Inspired by this experience, Akshan began mixing and by 1997 began acquiring the necessary gear to being composing his own music. Despite the demands of a busy job, he dedicates time every evening to increase his knowledge of audio mixing and soundcrafting. Following in the footsteps of inspirations Jarre and Vangelis, he chooses to avoid the constraints of traditional music theory and prefers to let his ear, intuition, and inspiration guide his creativity. The result is a style that it is a lush and subtle mixture of electronics and acoustics.

By 2007 the progression of his skills and the influence of artists such as Aes Dana, Asura (Ultimae Records), and Juno Reactor led to Akshan focusing primarily in the realms of downtempo and psychedelic ambient, while still continuing to produce dance floor oriented music.

This new musical direction eventually led to Akshan crossing paths with label manager DJ Zen and has culminated in the release of two albums, “The Tree of Life” and "The Rise of Atlantis" which are both released on Altar Records.


Each piece on this album is full of emotion and texture. Ranging from lush cinematic atmospheres to addictive mid-tempo rhythms, this album is a mix of many styles to create something unique and beautiful.

A polished cohesion of ethnic, symphonic, trance, and shimmering ambient textures, Akshan's work yields up an atypical musical experience that will relax and energize, inspire and transcend, and will sweep the listener along as each song tells it's story.


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